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Regent is a dark-skinned inter-specific hybrid grape variety, used for making red wine. It has both European (Vitis vinifera) and American vine species in its pedigree and a broad resistance against the most significant fungal diseases which affect grapes, such as downy mildew. 

Regent was created in 1967 by Professor Gerhardt Alleweldt at the Geilweilerhof Institute for Grape Breeding by crossing Diana, a Silvaner x Müller-Thurgau (Rivaner) cross and thus a Vitis vinifera variety, with the interspecific hybrid Chambourcin. 

Regent wines are color intensive red wines with moderate acidity, can have much tannin and show aromas of cherries or blackcurrants. The wines often reach high alcohol levels since Regent tends to reach high must weights. Some better German versions are matured in barriques. The grape is fairly easy to make good wine from. It has excellent skin color (perhaps so much that the color can seem overly vivid), and clean vinifera-type flavors.

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