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The organic winery Leyendecker is a small family-owned business at Mosel.

Leyendecker & Wife

When we got to know Leyendecker, it was only a hobby winery, but today Dennis the son of the family is running the winery on a daily basis, with help from the rest of the family.

After Dennis has entered the family business, we have seen more wines on their wine list. They have also bought more vineyards over the years, so we can expect to be able to buy more different wines from them.

Dennis Leyendecker

Leyendecker became a certified organic winery in 2007, which have meant a lot of extra work for the family, but as they say, it is nice to know that at least the wine you are drinking is organic.

Here a picture of the wine cellar.

Wine Cellar

Here a picture of the winery from the outside. We have enjoyed many wine tastings in that place.


To see all our wines from Leyendecker follow this link: