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Karl Sonntag

Karl Sonntag is an old family-owned vineyard in the south of the Mosel Region in Germany. It has been in the same family since 1650.

Karl Sonntag Vineyard Family

The winery work with a balanced attitude. It is family oriented, it has a lot of sense of responsibility, a decent dose of passion and the desire for a contemporary production of a very personal and environmentally friendly grown quality wine.

The vineyard has been organic since 2009 and all the wines from 2012 and upward have gotten the ECOVIN certificate. 

The vineyard has one of the rarest and oldest grapes Elbling, which is only grown in the south of the Mosel region. They have different varieties of the Burgundy grapes and the Gewürztraminer.

Due to the long tradition of making wine, the family has a lot of experience and it highly motivates them to keep the quality at a consistently high level. 

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