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The organic vinery Hubertushof is owned and runned by Herman-Josef Botzet and his son Hubert.

Herman-Josef & Hubert Botzet

Hubertushof is a small family business near Mosel. This family has been running this winery for generations with great passion and care. Their goal is to produce characterful wines which taste as the terroir on which the wines are grown and the handwritten of the cellar master. 

Their wines have won many national and international awards and they have won the State Honorary Award for the second time in a row. They are the only organic wine estate to have ever done that.

The wines are made with the motto: 'Class instead of mass' with much love. 

The aspect of quality and sustainability are particularly important to them in everything they do - in the vineyard and in the cellar.

They manage their vineyards in the awareness of the unique cultural landscape and with respect for nature. The preservation of the complex vineyard ecosystem is the basis for their exceptional wines.   

Therefore the conservation of natural biodiversity in the vineyard plays a major role for them.

The ancient Devonian slate soil of the steep slopes forms the foundation on which the wine growing and gives the grapes their unique minerally and spiciness.


Hubertushof is also a Vegan vineyard.

They are convinced that in a good wine is nothing more than the pure grape. That is why they attach great importance to the fact that their wines can ripen as naturally as possible - without chemical and animal aids. What many people don't realize is that even today many manufacturers clarify their wines with fish gelatin or animal protein, which can be problematic not only for vegans or vegetarians but in individual cases for allergy sufferers.

Therefore with Hubertushof you will only get the pure grape in the glass.


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