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Elbling is a white grape sort primarily grown in Luxembourg and Obermosel.

Elbling is one of the oldest grapes in the world. It is assumed that with its 2000 year of existing is the oldest grape sort in Europe. It is believed that Elbling can be traced back to when the Romans were in the Mosel area. 

In the medieval times, it is believed that it was the most grown grape in Germany. Today only a small amount of vineyards grow the grape in Germany. It is more common in Luxembourg. 

A DNA profiling has proven that the Elbling is an offspring of the Weißer Heunisch, Traminer and some unidentified varieties. Therefore it is believed that the Elbling originates from the Rhine/Mosel area, just like the Riesling, as they have similar parentage.


The Elbling is high with acid and with a variety of aromas, there are lemon, apple, peach and some even with almond aromas.  

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