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Charly's Weinkeller

Charly's Wine Cellar is a small family winery on the Southern Wine Mosel. With much passion, it is led by Manfred Welter which is the second generation to run the vineyard.

Charly's Weinkeller

The grapes they have are from traditional, historic to newly bred grape varieties, which are expanded to wines with unmistakable character. Through the sustainable management of the shell limestone soils and the conservation of biodiversity in the vineyards, they try to create the vines in an ideal basis for natural development.

The philosophy to reconcile nature and vineyard is one of the most important guidelines of the winery, diversity is the motto! The objective here is to create a biological balance in the vineyards, to promote the resistance of their vines and to create a favorable climate for the natural enemies of the pests.


Organic viticulture is probably one of the most careful forms of cultivation that we can give back to nature. By sowing greenery plants, gentle soil tillage targeted fertilization with compost and the omission of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, we get a healthy, fertile soil in the long term, where healthy vines and ripe grapes are the rewards for hard work. Their vines get their nutrients through this activation of the soil.

All their vineyards are exclusively managed according to the guidelines of the ECOVIN Association of Organic Viticulture. 

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