As we are still in the progress of translating the pages to German, not all pages are in German if you chose the German version. 

About Us

Meller Wine is a small family-owned company.

Gunvor Meller is the founder. Actually, I am the only employee as of now in this company. Martin Meller, my husband helps me out every once in a while.

Martin & Gunvor Meller

This is us.

I founded Meller wine because we have both dreamed about having our own company for a very long time and then why not sell great wine from small family-owned vineyards in Germany and Austria, online.

My dad was the one that taught us about wine. He is actually the one that has introduced us to many of the vineyards that we buy wine from today. Martin and I both fell in love with wine. The best with this passion is to try the new wine. To visit new vineyards and experiencing new wine. For us, the organic wine has been a new experience. 

As we are a family company and all the wine is stored in our small basement in Munich, it will take a while before we can add more wine to our wine list. Right now, we do not have any more space for more wine. But we are looking for a house in the nearest future, so then we can expand our wine selection. We already have some wine from Austria that we want to buy and sell.

Martin and I are both danish, but we have lived in Germany since 2010, so we are fluent in German as well as Danish and English. We love living here in Germany and are planning on staying. If it will be Munich or Trier in the near future is not yet known, but no matter what, we will continue to sell wine online.