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The Story of Meller Wine

June 21, 2018

The Story of Meller Wine

Hi, my name is Gunvor Meller and I am the founder of Meller Wine.

I grew up in a wine enthusiast family. My dad even at one point produced his own wine, which isn't that easy in Denmark.

I can't remember a time where wine hasn't been important. My dad's passion for wine was shared with all of us. Drinking wine to dinner at my house was a whole experience in itself. 

At one point my parents started to take us on vacations to France and Italy. This also meant that we visited a few vineyards on those vacations. I remember finding it interesting when I was a little kid. Then during my teenage years, I am not so sure I found it that interesting. Then in my late teens, I started to love visiting the vineyards and learning more about wine. 

My dad's passion for wine was definitely passed on to me. He often holds wine tastings at family events, which I have learned a lot from. 

The biggest wine event my parents have held was for their silver wedding. Here they took 55 people and shoved us all onto a bus and drove us down to Germany where we stayed for a few days. The wine tasting started already on the bus and it continued when we arrived in Germany.

Wine tasting at my parents silver wedding 2007 Wine tasting with friends and family at my parents silver wedding 2007

After this particular wine tasting silver wedding event, German wines became more known to me and to the rest of the guests. Many of us have been back to the same vineyards since then.

To be honest I think it was this trip that triggered my passion for wines. Afterward, my friends were forced to try the German wines and listen to me speak about them.

Martin, my husband who I met in 2007, had to learn a lot about wines. Before I met him, he just drank whatever. Then he was introduced to my family and he quickly learned that wine is important and that he needed to learn more about them. Which he did. He also joined my family to a few wine tastings in Germany. Let's just say that he soon became just as enthusiastic about wine as my dad and me.

Four generations to a wine tasing in 2013 My family at a wine tasting at Leyendecker 2013

My husband and I moved to Germany in 2010 and in 2011 we moved to one of the wine regions in Germany, which gave us a great opportunity to go wine tasting often. We could also easier buy the wine than our parents. This meant that everytime that we were going back to Denmark, we would be asked to pick up some wine for them. Mostly we would help drink it during the holidays.

In 2013 we moved away from the wine region but stayed in Germany. However, this hasn't stopped us from going wine tasting. We often meet up with our families for these events. 

For a few years, Martin and I have talked about how great it would be to have our own company, but we just didn't know what. Then suddenly one day, we realized that opening an online wine shop where we would sell the wine we love would be a great idea. The thing is. The wine we love you can't find that in the stores. You can't just buy it anywhere. Mostly you will have to go to the vineyards and buy the wines there. Which means that you will have to buy a certain amount of wine.

In 2017 we sat down and looked at our budget and we decided that now was the time that one of us could finally start our own business. Then Meller Wine was born. To begin with, it was just supposed to be a side business, but we soon realized that it would require more work from my side than we had thought, so I quit my job and went full-time self-employed.

For the last months, I have been working on the homepage. Working on ordering enough wine, so we have a good selection from the beginning. It has been hard work, but we have met a lot of new vineyards and great families behind them. 

As we are just starting there will come more wines as we get to explore Austria more. 

I hope you enjoyed to get to know the person behind Meller Wine and the family too. I also hope that you will enjoy our wines.

All the Best


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